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The New York State GMRS Alliance is group that serves the local communities of family & friends for use of GMRS radio communications..

The repeater-builder web group (mailing list) that is associated with this web site has over 5,500 members worldwide and is a tremendous resource of technical knowledge on repeaters and repeater-building, be they amateur, commercial, GMRS, public safety, CAP, or ...All GMRS repeaters transmit on the 462 frequency and receive on the 467, so the radios are set to the opposite: receive 462, transmit +5.00 MHz. I didn't think the GMRS-V1 allowed you to change to offsets, but yes, it should be 5. ALL UHF up to 470 MHz is +5 MHz, above 470 MHz it's +3 Mhz. You need to get the PC programming stuff for that radio ...

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One of the best repeaters for GMRS! The BCR Repeater provides a feature-rich, extremely reliable repeater/base station combo. Digital Mode Ready! Each BCR Repeater includes FREE Programming! Just let us know the Tx/Rx Frequency, PL Tone In/Out, Station ID, Desired Transmit Output Power. UHF (400-470 MHz, 70cm) - 40 Watts Continuous Duty.GMRS repeater channels access the extensive national network of repeater towers and can greatly increase the range of a GMRS radio, no matter the wattage. Repeater towers act as both a radio receiver and transmitter, receiving low powered signals and then blasting them out with even more power and covering longer distances without degradation ...236. Posted December 7, 2022. Retevis has a turnkey solution for you. Their RT97 repeater is about $300-$500 depending on accessories. With most things vhf/uhf height is more important than watts. If you can get the repeater (or its antenna) at about 50' above ground, you should be able to cover a few neighbor hoods.

All you need is two radios, great educational experience.Here's an update on the Dunlay Repeater here in Medina County, TX. No changes to the repeater itself but to the tower, feedline and antenna.Once it's all pu...You could then use GMRS or Wi-Fi for the link from your home to the remote-controlled station. However, A remote controlled station is already, in essence, a repeater so it is probably best to just build the local repeater and then add the linking, CAVEAT: This approach will work well in a rural or sparsely populated area.Sep 27, 2021 · The Retevis RT97 is a fully portable Ham OR GMRS repeater, capable of transmitting on either GMRS or HAM bands AND digital / DMR. I give an overview of the R...

Location: Fort Lauderdale Florida. Posted June 30, 2018. Yes, but if you speak for more than 15min's someone in the party would need to cwid or voice ID. Our repeater CWID's on the hour 9am to 9pm. That ID is only applicable to 3 of us, the rest must ID, with each TX and every 15min's.My 38' Motorhome has a GMRS repeater. for years I ran the GR1225 and since have switch to the RT97. I run the FG4500 on my ladder and it works perfect for camgrounds/race track use. ... You can build a 2-bay, 4-bay, 8-bay etc, array out of those. -Sirio WD140-N VHF 140-160 MHz Base Station Dipole Antenna - Costs around $99 specs can be found at ...Remember, keep in mind that the FCC regulations and technical requirements are always subject to change and any device should be in compliance with the current rule set. USA GMRS Association. Email: [email protected]. Home Office Located In Canton, Texas 75103. 903-287-0069. ….

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One of the best, and most affordable, antennas for GMRS base station operation is the Ed Fong J-pole. Based off of a design Dr. Fong created for the Ham Rad...22y. 241. Mar 20, 2007. #2. GMRS blister-pack radios can't have their antennas modified (per FCC) because they're also meant to be used on FRS freq's. I doubt you could get them to work with a ...Jan 29, 2022 · As an alternative option, I have built two GMRS repeaters in recent months for fun, using older commercial mobile radios, just as you would do with the KG-1000. The cost of the build for each repeater (minus antenna, feedline and power supply) was about $350.

Posted April 2, 2017. Hi All - I am fairly new to GMRS. I've worked in a shop and have done minor tuning, programming, installs and surface mount repairs on portables and mobiles over the years. I have limited experience with repeaters. I am attempting to setup a home repeater in Dutchess County, New York.Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear.

dover dragstrip Tuesday Nights at 7:25pm. The Tuesday night "7:25 on the 725" net is also linked to the Metro 600 repeater. If you check-in to the net and are told you have a poor signal, try switching to the opposite repeater and seeing if your signal improves. The Metro 600 and Mesta 725 repeaters are linked on Net nights from 7:15 PM to 8:30 PM. 16 toyota steel wheelsaverage weight for men 6 1 Wanted to post an update on the GMRS repeater build from almost a year back. I have included links to the original posts below for those that did not see them. The long and short of it was that we put together a new repeater for public use in our area, and the first build and design we came up with was pretty much instantly destroyed by mother ...The 712EFC will work as a repeater antenna and base station antenna. I bought it for use as a base station antenna. If you use a J-Pole Antenna it will work too, as long as you get one that is made for GMRS. J-Poles are designed to normally work on two different frequency bands, the 712EFC is designed for GMRS. hausenware dishes Welcome to North Alabama GMRS! The collective effort of the affiliated GMRS Repeaters cover a large majority of North Alabama, and we are expanding rapidly to offer additional coverage. The repeater systems are funded, built and maintained by each individual repeater operator and owner. Resources are shared between owner-operators in good faith and a united … Continue reading Welcome →Get the new MXPW115 Ammo Can GMRS Base Station here: the MXPW500 SHTF GMRS Ammo Can here: the MXPW01 - ... inland empire craigslist personals24 hour autozone near me open nowspinx simpsonville photos BTECH is very proud to announce the release of the new BTECH GMRS-PRO, a premium 5W GMRS two-way radio that is designed for users to get the most out of their radio while still being backwards compatible with all other GMRS and FRS radios. ... BTECH GMRS-RPT50 50W GMRS Repeater with Built-In Duplexer and Auto-ID. 4.86 out of 5 $ 1,499.89. BL-5L ... dalton ga obituary More planning on building my high power GMRS repeater out of two Wouxun KG-1000G GMRS radios. In this video I talk more about using the right coax for the re...951. Location: Hammond, Indiana. Posted April 28, 2021. I finally received my shiny new RT97 portable repeater yesterday. I chose to have them program it in the ham portion of the UHF band, since they don't charge extra for it, nor for tuning the duplexer. I do have the service equipment here in case I ever need to retune the duplexer. lowes combination lockgreat clips academy packet answersflickering brake lights In this video we build a portable amateur radio repeater using two Baofeng handheld radios. Please keep in mind that to operate this repeater you will need a...